Happy Birthday dear soulmate!!!

Prompt: "7 Questions Brian Kinney Got Asked" for soulmatejunkee’s birthday!
Title: Are You Jealous?
Author: pet0511
Beta: My friend Cindy, aka q_dicted. I thank you so much for your spontaneous and so much needed help!!!!!!
Time line: Post 513
Disclaimer: They are not mine – it´s just for fun!
A/N: Don´t worry, my dear flist, this is a first-and-single-time project for me!


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Tag and Question Meme

Tag and Question Meme

A/N: I´m trying this nearly all by my own (besides quite a bit :-))) help and advices and mails from adoringaudience she gave me over the last months). I saved all and went through them and hope this post will magically work now. Sorry about the no-design; maybe I´ll learn making some breathtaking banner and a nice layout in my next life...

I was tagged by rainbow1907

The rules:

1. People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question.

2. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

I tag:

adoringaudience - aaa_mazing - sexy_pumpkin - bidyke73 - conzieu - sunshinecorazon - q_dicted - xheartrockz

The questions:

1. Make a list of 5 things that you can see without getting up:
Computer, book shelves, QAF calendar, window, iPod

2. How do you style your hair?
Straight down mostly

3. What are you wearing now?
Blue jeans and a shirt.

4. What's your occupation?

5. What do you hear right now?
Only the sound of my computer (I have to concentrate to make this post technically working)

6. Who was the last person you hugged?
My husband

7. What is/was for dinner?
Mostly a piece of bread or a bowl of cereals

8. What did you do today?
I went to court early, working, afterwards grocery shopping big style and then I went home and did what good (un)perfect housewifes do…

9. Dog person or cat person?
I go on my knees for both but lately I discovered a bigger fascination for cats: they challenge me - and win - and I´m a bad loser!

10. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
I changed my last name when I got married and now I won´t change either first nor last name ever

11. What was the last thing that you bought?
Tons of groceries

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Seals Beach, La Jolla, CA – over and over and over again

13. Where do you see yourself in five years?
I´m really not sure…

14. Where's your birthmark?
I have many

15. What are you doing this weekend?
Girls evening at Friday, trying to revitalize and be nice to my husband at Sat and Sun (at my age you need time to recover after one long night…).

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
I never ever had the wish for it; all I tried in my youth led to the same solution: I rather hear music like doing it.

17. How are you?
Calm and a bit tired today, got only 3hours sleep. But otherwise I´m in a good mood.

18. What are you doing tomorrow?
No work! .

19. What are you looking forward to the most?
That depends! Seeing a fic posted from one of my fav writers can make me happy as much as my 8 days stay in Dubai next month or planning a meeting with my BFF.
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Thanks so much!!!

Hi everyone!!!

It's nearly a year ago when I found this fandom. Right from the beginning I was pleased, surprised, happy to see not only how many amazing writers had shared their stories here but also what a lovely, supporting and great place it was over so many years and still is.

First I was a silent obsessed reader, every day excited in a nearly silly way that this fandom and all the ff are still here when I opened my computer. To see that I'm not alone with my B/J obsession eventually made me brave enough to start commenting and contact some of you. Even knowing about my very limited english I just had to do it - you charmed me and so I did it and what I got out of it was so much more then ever expected and hoped. I never believed before that it would be possible to make friends this way, when people told me about chatting etc I just looked dumbfounded and had more than a few doubts about that all. Stubborn as I certainly am I have to confess now that I was wrong. And it's one of the rare moment I say that I'm happy about being wrong!

So, now after this amazing year with you and your thoughts and stories and our common love and obsession for B/J and G/R I want to thank you all of being here, giving so much, being so honest and friendly and lovely...

I hope we all will end this year and start into the new one "together".

Big happy hugs!!!